Wild Body Workout – Feel the Burn Hill Sprints

Feel the Burn with this Wild Body Workout!

Hill sprinting is one of the best workouts for getting a lean fit physique. Sprinting increases strength and endurance, and burns fat. Sprinting is definitely a WILD workout.

Find a hill that is going to take you about 30 seconds to run up. If you can’t find one that is that long you could try a long set of stairs, or shorter hills.

You can sprint on any surface type: trails, road, stairs, grass, snow, or on cobblestones like I did in the video.

It’s good to do several repeats of the sprints with a rest in between. For this workout I did 5 sprints for 30 seconds each time, with 3 minutes rest in between each one. The more you do them the faster you get, but they don’t get any easier!

Hill sprinting is a fun an exciting way to get a fit wild body and you can do them almost anywhere in a short amount of time. Give them a try!

Check out the video for more tips and information on hill sprinting and to watch me push myself to the max on the steepest hill in town!

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below the video and I’ll try my best to answer quickly!

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One Comment on “Wild Body Workout – Feel the Burn Hill Sprints

  1. I love this video! Lots of great tips on an awesome workout, backed by a fit wild body! Can’t wait to get into hill sprinting outdoors when there isn’t a sheet of ice on the ground.
    I hope you guys stick around here when you find yourselves in Ontario, I keep envisioning early morning cycling and jogs, all of us, in the summer heat- followed by meditation and fruit feasts in the garden :D
    oh goodness!!!
    Keep the videos coming Kev :)

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