Wendy Before and After WENDY KERR “Working with Kevin has been an amazing experience and I highly recommend anyone seeking consultation or guidance regarding fitness, training, health and wellness to get connected with Kevin today! Even if you’re “just thinking about it” – don’t hesitate! Reach out to Kevin, and in no time at all you will see transformations begin.

In just a short couple of months, Kevin has helped me not only reach, but surpass my fitness goals; gain strength & confidence; gain knowledge and he has given me the tools and momentum I needed to maintain my training independently moving forward.

I originally sought Kevin out on the beaches of beautiful Sayulita, Mexico as I wanted help taking my fitness to a higher level. I was primarily trail running and Stand Up Paddle Boarding and although I thought my cardio was at a pretty decent level, I had very little upper body strength, was carrying around a few extra pounds and overall was feeling imbalanced. After a focused consultation about my fitness history, current activities and overall goals, we were off!

Kevin designed a targeted, gradual program for me beginning with the foundations of individual movements and exercises, which eventually developed into more complex high intensity interval training integrating plyometrics, cardio, core and balance. Right from the beginning, Kevin taught me the correct way to move…ensuring I was maintaining form and breath, before increasing the intensity or complexity.

I really liked how Kevin and I set goals together at the beginning of each session – it helped set the intention for each workout and enabled us to evaluate progress along the way. Kevin provided me the right amount of “push” and encouragement through each and every exercise in order for me to be the best I could be.

On top of it all, I feel such gratitude that we were able to work together the entire time out in Nature! Kevin taught me simple ways to integrate the use of sand, logs, rocks and everything around us in our workouts…..who needs a gym when you have Mother Nature???

Working with Kevin has been a truly positive, rewarding, motivating, and transforming experience. If you want to have fun, learn from a passionate expert and take your overall health and fitness to a new level, get connected with Kevin TODAY!”



Adam Deck

ADAM DECK “Kevin’s view on fitness, his passion for health, and dedication to training really inspired me and has drastically changed my lifestyle; the way I eat, my view on what ‘health and wellness’ means, and how my body feels overall . I take my energy level more seriously and know that I can always improve. He has shown me many simple ways to stay active and push myself, even when I would rather be sitting on the couch. After meeting Kevin over two years ago, I became immensely inspired to change my diet to a much healthier high-raw diet, incorporating many fresh greens, vegetables and fruit to my diet. Before I met Kevin I was only eating heavy fried foods and sautéed vegetables, with minimal fruits. Today I feel much better and have a deeper understanding about the correlation between staying fit and healthy, to feeding your body clean, fresh, and hydrating foods.

I have started to take up running and after a thorough one-on-one consultation about my training routine, he really empowered me and I take my workouts more seriously and now I have a lot more fun with all the interval, hill running, and long distance training programs he made for me. I am improving everyday and I feel stronger than ever! After the consultation, I received a full documentation about all the topics we covered and Kevin wrote out a fitness plan for my running program I was working on. I definitely recommend a consultation with Kevin at Wild Body Wellness; he has really helped me out with his experience and knowledge!”

Caleb JenningsCALEB JENNINGS “If you’re even considering getting in shape or upping your level of fitness, take advantage of Kevin’s offer! He worked me over with some of the most fun, creative, and challenging routines to gauge my level of fitness, then even created a whole new custom routine to push me even harder next time I work out with him :-) I used to go to the gym 4-5 nights a week by myself back in Cali, and got decent results, but the way Kevin is challenging my whole body (and making it fun) while switching it up and doing it all in a natural setting on the beach or in the jungle, I’m going to be shredded by the time we leave Sayulita! Super grateful to have discovered his wealth of health and fitness knowledge, and really looking forward to our next session. Try just one workout with him and you’ll know what I’m talking about! Thanks again Kev, you rawk!”

Alissa ALISSA D. “Kevin has helped me transform my lifestyle and diet to an unbelievable place. When I first started talking with him I was eating a junk-food vegetarian diet and rarely doing any physical exercise. I was emotionally eating and was at a point where I felt I had an eating problem and a food addiction. Kevin introduced me to foods that were healthy and delicious and created an exercise plan that was simple and involved the activities I loved doing. The thing that I really enjoyed about his program was the emphasis on getting out into nature as much as possible. He also helped me overcome a life-long battle with skin and digestion problems. He is an excellent motivator and teacher of vegan/raw whole foods and exercise. Thanks to his mentoring I have lost weight, feel much healthier and am in the best shape of my life.”


TARAH MILLEN “Having already found the raw vegan lifestyle, Kevin greatly assisted me through my journey. His sensible advice allowed me to experiment with my diet and introduce new and delicious foods for optimal vitality and taste. Kevin’s holistic approach to health and fitness allowed me to soar to new heights and experience a level of health never achieved in the past. Also, his delicious recipes are a delight to the taste-buds. Both Kevin’s passion and determination for health and fitness provided me with the support needed to continue on this path, aiding in clear skin, weight loss, and a new vigor for life!

Prior to having found the raw vegan lifestyle I experienced sub-par health, severe acne, indigestion, binge eating, and an alcohol problem. An optimal raw vegan diet combined with the the support and inspiration from Kevin has allowed me to release myself from excess weight, acne, mental fog, teeth issues, indigestion, brittle nails, and has given me a new lease on life.”




DAVID HESTRIN “I highly recommend consulting with Kevin. He has a way of motivating action that is different than others because his lifestyle and abilities speak for themselves and shine through his presence. It’s only been a week since speaking with him and I’ve already been to the gym 3 times and feel stronger am closer to seeing my 6 pack and feel really pumped about my gains to come.”