A Little Support Goes a Long Way

Practicing wall assisted handstand pushups this morning. Slowly working towards doing a full push up without the wall.

Just like using training wheels when learning to ride a bicycle, we often need that extra level of support when learning new things and trying to reach our goals.

The same goes for working with a trainer or health coach. They are there to help support your growth and improvement so that one day you can fly more freely off on your own, having gained the necessary skills and experience to eventually become your own “trainer”.

Though that doesn’t mean we don’t need and benefit from having coaches and mentors and learn from others for the rest of our lives. We can always learn from the advice and wisdom of others. We always need that level of support from one another.

If you’re interested in joining the Wild Body Wellness family and getting one on one monthly coaching or consultation calls with me (Kevin) then contact me here to take the next step in achieving your Wild Body : http://wildbodywellness.com/consulting-with-kevin/

Yours in health,


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